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Get ready for a hat full of Texas hospitality. There is no better way to wind down after a thrilling hunt. We offer unique accommodations in our custom built bunkhouse. With sleeping arrangements for up to 10 we can accommodate large size parties. The bunkhouse offers 3 queen beds and a full living room w/ two 70" TVs, two full couches, and two love seats to optimize your down time. It also includes a full bar where we keep anything that you might need after a long day of hunting and adrenaline. Shower and bathroom are also included for clean up needs. The bunkhouse walks out to a large pool and hot tub for those of you that may need a little relaxation after your hunt.


While you are staying with us you will not go hungry. We offer flame-grilled steaks, fajitas, sausage, ribs or stew, so please let us know your preference. Breakfast will be served before take off and lunch will be brought and eaten in the field. We can even prepare fresh pork chops from the days kill if you would like. We take pride in our cuisine and accommodations and strive to make your time spent here with us a great experience.

Excursion Accommodations

Heli-Hunter was created in 2009 in response to our personal experiences with feral hog property damage. Founded by farmers and ranchers to protect their land as well as their income, Heli-Hunter has grown into one of the busiest aerial hunting companies in Texas. In September of 2011, legislation changes have allowed us to share the exciting experience of hog hunting from a helicopter with paying hunters such as Ted Nugent and The Pigman.


Located just a short drive south of Dallas, our hunting area is teeming with feral hogs and you can expect plenty of action. With over 100,000 acres of hunting ground, and great accommodations we can offer you a hunting experience unlike any other. We fly a Robinson R-44 Raven II helicopter and can accommodate almost any hunter with a larger margin of safety and comfort.


Here at Heli Hunter, safety is our number one goal. Before each flight we will sit down and have a thorough safety briefing on what to expect, and how to be a safe affective aerial shooter. We will discuss how to effectively communicate your needs with the pilot, and sit in the aircraft to make yourself familiar with the helicopter.


With safety and efficient shooting in mind, we require our gunners to use Saiga-12 shotguns that we provide. Our experiences have taught us that the most effective way to shoot from a helicopter is to use a 12 gauge shotgun and 00 buckshot. We utilize the magazine fed Saiga-12 shotgun Our firearms are fully equipped with EO Tech sight systems, adjustable stocks, and numerous 12 and 20 round magazines to insure that ammo is always available.

What’s Included:


· 3 Hour Hunt

· 2 Shooters

· Saiga 12 Gauges & All Ammunition

· Lunch, Dinner, & non-alcoholic drinks

· DVD Copy of your Hunt

· Overnight Accommodations for up to 4 people


What’s Needed:


· Your Adventure knob turned to 11

· Valid Texas Hunting License (or Valid Non-Resident TX License)

· Travel to & from Ennis, Texas (1 hour south of Dallas)

· Book Early - Hunts are booking fast


About Heli Hunter